Protein Bars

Protein bars or protein cookies are a great and modern option for sports nutrition. They are easy to transport over long distances. The main purpose of such products is to ensure the rapid intake of important nutrients into the body. Usually they are taken after exercise to make up for the amount of carbohydrates spent.

The main value of the bars is their availability: when you need a snack, they are always at hand. Of course, this does not make the product an equivalent substitute for sports nutrition as such, but it is an excellent alternative to dinner when you need to satisfy your hunger.

Many experts believe that mandatory four meals a day are required for stable muscle growth, but the rhythm of life of modern athletes often does not allow for strict adherence to the meal schedule - and then snacks rich in proteins that help replenish energy reserves come to the rescue.

How to use protein snacks

Today, there is a huge variety of protein products, including vegetarian protein bars that we sell, which do not contain components of animal origin. However, the reception algorithm is almost always the same:

  1. Experienced experts recommend to use the product in the morning immediately after sleep - this allows you to maximally neutralize various catabolic processes in the body.
  2. The next optimal reception time is half an hour after an active workout to replenish carbohydrates
  3. During the day, if it is not possible to fully dine or dine - taking a protein snack will help to saturate the body with the necessary substances.

For those who want to lose weight, snacks with L - carnitine, protein bars for vegetarians and fat burning foods are the best. However, they should be taken in conjunction with workouts, otherwise there will not be desired results.

In order to saturate the body with proteins, you can choose high-protein bars, which are an indispensable attribute in the nutrition of each professional athlete.

The third type is high-carb bars, which should be taken half an hour before a workout or half an hour after it. It is not recommended to use it in the evening before bedtime, especially for those who are inclined to be overweight.

Protein snacks Price

In our online store you can profitably order certified products ready for use. We offer affordable prices for everyone involved in sports and in need of nutritious foods.

You can place an order online or buy candy bars by calling the indicated numbers. In any case, the cost of goods and delivery will delight you. Contact us!

 High Protein Snack Bar Sample

High Protein Snack Bar Sample

27g high quality protein per bar
3 mouth-watering flavours
Added LactoSpore® Probiotics
Model: 25
3.00 CHF
 High Protein Snack Bars (Box of 12)

High Protein Snack Bars (Box of 12)

Huge 27g protein per bar from Whey & Milk Protein
3 delicious flavours and low impact carb
No low quality fillers such as Gelatin or Soya
Model: 9
32.00 CHF
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