Omega 3 (sports nutrition)

Omega 3 fish oil is an important component in the sports nutrition of people professionally engaged in strength sports. This is due to the huge amount of nutrients in its composition.

In composition, this supplement consists of unsaturated fats that are not synthesized by the body. Their lack leads to serious disruptions of all body systems. Today there is an opportunity to buy vegetarian omega 3, which is made from plants.

Omega 3 - the benefits of supplements

Despite the fact that scientists discovered Omega 3 a long time ago, their benefits to the human body were discovered quite recently.

Thus, the positive impact of the use of krill oil in capsules, which is available to order in our online store, opened in the late 70s of the twentieth century. The discovery was made through the study of the diet of the northern peoples, who use mostly seafood.

To date, we can safely talk about the wide spectrum of implications of Omega 3 on the human body.

So, by deciding to buy omega 3 in tablets or capsules, an athlete can count on the following positive effects:

  1. The supplement significantly improves metabolism, which contributes to the burning of excess fat deposits and high-quality muscle mass.
  2. With regular use, the insulin sensitivity of the tissues increases, and a decrease in blood viscosity is observed with a general improvement in its rheological properties.
  3. Athletes who have enriched their diet with fish oil, significantly increase stamina and improve overall tone.
  4. Also among the positive effects, mention should be made of improving the performance of the brain, healing the skin and producing additional energy, which guarantees the absence of excess fat deposits.
  5. We should not forget that this is the precursor of blood elements that contribute to the prevention of inflammation.
  6. Thanks to the consumption of fish acids it can accelerate the secretion of anabolic hormones (which include testosterone) and significantly reduce the production of cortisol.

By deciding to buy omega 3 in capsules, it should be understood that the cost will be slightly higher than in tablets, but the digestibility will increase significantly

The importance of omega 3 for the body

Despite the fact that the need for supplements has been proven by scientists recently, it can already be stated that everyone on the planet without exception needs it. Since this substance is indispensable, and the human body can not synthesize it independently, the only way to get it is through sports supplements or products.

Omega 3 fats have a huge impact on the entire body. Manufacturers of sports nutrition take this into account in the manufacture of additives, so it is important to buy only branded products.

The price of Omega 3 may differ, but it must be understood that health is something that should not be saved on. Fake products can be harmful. We sell only certified products from Switzerland, the quality of which is beyond doubt.

 Super Strength Omega 3 Softgels 1000mg

Super Strength Omega 3 Softgels 1000mg

High potency, 330mg EPA & 220mg DHA per softgel
Added Vitamin E to prevent fatty acid oxidation
Contributes to the normal function of the heart
Model: 286
12.00 CHF
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