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amino acids+11 vitamins
magnesium+21 nutrients
antioxidants+micro elements

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The intelligent formula of 11 vitamins, amino acids, carbohydrates, minerals and oligo-elements can renew the body every day thanks to a unique combination of fruits and vegetables.



The permanent stress of job, sport and private life demands a high level of energy from the body. Every day it has to perform again. An improvement of the energy metabolism supports the organism permanently. Regeneration processes can thus be initiated and accelerated to restore well-being. This is exactly what DOC Weingart® RECHARGE does, thanks to its sophisticated nutrient combination with 11 vitamins, аmino acids, minerals, carbohydrates and oligo- elements perfect the recipe for consistent regeneration day after day.

Daily Regeneration Program
RECHARGE is the daily program for a sustainable care of the organism, which has results of many years of intensive research work. Regulars exercises, are make you to maintain a constant elasticity and strength of the muscles, despite strong stress, one-sided nutrition and results-oriented sports training. It can cleverly compensate for energy deficits and optimize cell supply. This promotes regeneration processes that give strength and performance. This makes DOC Weingart® RECHARGE a dietary supplement for all those who demand a lot from their sports, business and private lives.
Optimizing the second brain
ALMOST 80 % OF THE POPULATION LIVE AND WORK WITH A REDUCED RECOVERY AND PERFORMANCE ABILITY. They however, remain below their energy level because their small intestine function is disturbed.
The cause is an irritated or inflammated small intestine. The small intestine is our number 1 energy organ. It is where the complete digestion and absorption of nutrients takes place.
When the small intestine is disordered, the body cannot optimally absorp nutrients. Valuable nutrients are then lost, as they are excreded unused. On top of that, the large intestine can get
irritated as well. As a consequence, we live below our actual energy level.
The small intestine is not just our most important energy organ, it is also the centre of our
immune system: it steers processes that we need for our survival. Therefore our small intestine is rightfully called the „second brain“. Dr Johannes Weingart is an expert in this field since
decades and has optimised small intenstine function in numberous ways with his research results.
Scientists call the human small intestine the second brain. The name could hardly be more fitting because it is an energy organ and centre of the immune system. Through the small intestine, the body absorbs nutrients from food so that the organism can utilize them. The irritations and inflammations are often the result of a wrong diet or too much stress. Many sufferers are unaware that disorders of the small intestine function are responsible for their fatigue and loss of performance. DOC Weingart® RECHARGE makes it possible to optimize the processes in the second brain. An increase in performance and an improved sense of well-being can be initiated in this way.

Coordinated ingredients for a plus in energy
DOC Weingart® RECHARGE inspires through a recipe with perfectly matched ingredients. It has undergone extensive scientific testing to meet the highest demands for a high-performance, energy-giving product. The optimized carbohydrate-protein ratio allows for the best regeneration processes and excellent absorption through the small intestine. Incompatibilities or allergies caused by the powder are unlikely. Instead, the 21 nutrients enter the organism and can strengthen the nervous system and promote the immune system. The powder can also take over anti-aging functions by supporting heart and bone function and stimulating energy metabolism. The deliberate avoidance of artificial flavours, additives, preservatives and colourings also stands for first-class product quality. Animal sources were not used for product manufacture, which is why even vegans have found a daily source of energy in DOC Weingart® RECHARGE.

Meeting the permanent strain in a smart way - this is possible with DOC Weingart® RECHARGE. The vegan formula provides the organism with elementary nutrients that are essential for an ambitious everyday life in business and leisure. Thanks to the excellent absorption rate, the vitamins, minerals and trace elements actually reach where the body needs them. This enables the powder to compensate for nutrient deficiencies resulting from a one-sided diet or intestinal irritation. Already after a short time of taking the powder an improved well-being can be achieved, which makes you fit for the daily tasks.

Remain permanently resilient despite constant stress, a one-sided diet or hard training.
Easy to digest, low allergy rate.
Vegan ingredients without artificial flavours, colourings or other artificial additives.
The special combination of ingredients can activate the nervous system (B1, B3, B6, biotin), support the immune system (B6, B12, C, folic acid), stimulate energy metabolism (B1, B3, B5, B12, C, biotin) and support bone function (D, zinc, magnesium) as well as heart function (B1).

Long meeting, important report to finish or urgent assignment to do. Concentration dwindles, but that task must absolutely be finished by the deadline.
When tiredness kicks in, many people grab an energy drink to keep on going. Most people however underestimate the harmful effects to their health, becaus of chemical stimulants in these drinks (taurine, inosit and glucuronolactone) which can possibly lead to death.

EVERY DAY HIGH PERFORMANCE! When you daily deliver 8 or more hours of mental or physical high performance, you use up many more nutrients and vitamins. Often, regular nutrition is not sufficient to fill the energy storage back up. The consequence can be that one feels weak and burned up.
Stress is able to worsen the situation even further, because nutrition cannot be absorbed optimally by the body. Here, our „second brain“ comes into play.

Recommended dosage: Do not consume more than one serving a day (one measuring spoon full =20 g dissolved in 100-200 ml water/juice each). Pour the powder into a shaker, fill up with water/juice and shake vigorously. Drink by the sip. 1 can = 400 g is sufficient for 20 portions (20 g per portion per day). Acai or fresh juices are particularly recommended. Also can use before sport. 

Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a balanced, varied diet and healthy lifestyle.

Do not exceed the recommended daily intake. Product should be stored out of the reach of children.  


Protein concentrate (40 %) from peas and wheat (wheat protein hydrolysate); fructose, maltodextrin, oat flour (whole grain), grape seed powder, fruit and herb powder mixture: Acerola cherries, apricots, nettle herb, pomegranate, beetroot; sodium hydrogen carbonate, magnesium citrate, inulin (from chicory root). Vitamin mixture from: Vitamin C, biotin (vitamin B7), folic acid, niacin (vitamin B3), pantothenate (vitamin B5), vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, vitamin K1, zinc citrate, manganese gluconate, sodium molybdate, selenium yeast, vitamin D3.

Note for allergy sufferers: contains oats and wheat. Gluten enzymatically reduced by 95%.

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