Amino Acids

Amino acids are essential substances in the human body that nourish the internal organs, improve skin condition, and promote maximum protein absorption. People that have a lifestyle should eat foods rich in amino acids every day, but for athletes the amount of these substances must be increased several times in order for workouts to bring benefits and productive results.

Amino acids for sports were developed specifically for people that live an active lifestyle and that spend much more strength and energy on sports than others. In order for the body not to deplete during long workouts, it is important to feed it with useful and sometimes irreplaceable components.

Amino acid benefits

The benefits of these substances are really indisputable, especially for athletes for whom it is important to constantly maintain the body in order to prevent exhaustion. The benefits of amino acids include the following features:

  1. They promote the absorption of protein and other useful components, improve overall health and metabolism. Amino acids (sports nutrition) are ideally balanced in composition for men and women, taking into account physiological features.
  2. They increase stamina, give vigor and strength.
  3. They contribute to the production of hormones in men and women who are responsible for maintaining normal metabolic processes in the body, and also supply the body with oxygen.
  4. They are absorbed within 15 minutes after consumption and work inside the muscles, so that muscle mass builds up faster and more efficiently. At the same time, the appetite decreases, so the risk of gaining extra weight is minimized - that is why amino acids are very necessary and useful for girls involved in sports.
  5. They heal minor injuries, and contribute to the rapid recovery after illness and damage.

Even simple physical exercises can cause an increased consumption of energy and nutrients. During regular workouts, more than 80% of the essential amino acids that the body produces are lost. 

Therefore, their number must be constantly replenished in order to avoid the destruction of muscle tissue and the general depletion of the body.

Where to buy amino acids?

We offer amino acids in the online store in Geneva at competitive prices. Thanks to good sports nutrition, you can keep your body in perfect shape and not put your health at risk. We offer amino acids for men and women who play sports professionally or regularly attend workouts. You can order goods online or by phone - the cost will be acceptable even with delivery.

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