BCAA amino acids

BCAA and amino acid is a special nutritional supplement that is very popular among professional athletes, especially bodybuilders and those who want to gain muscle mass. The complex supplements include a number of essential amino acids, including leucine, isoleucine and valine. 

In total, more than two hundred different amino acids are known, but only twenty of them are necessary to maintain the health of the body. Despite the fact that the human body is able to produce some of them independently, it is important to supplement the diet with food that contains amino acids or sports supplements, especially with increased physical exertion. BCAAs contain exactly those nine substances that can enter the body only from the outside.

Use of BCAA amino acids

These amino acids are not produced by the body, so they can only be obtained from food or sports supplements. If a person trains hard, is engaged in bodybuilding or other professional sports, it is necessary to consume amino acids several times more than in ordinary life, therefore, full-fledged sports nutrition will be the best way out. The benefits of the BCAA supplement are as follows:

  1. The energy balance is restored, the lack of protein is compensated. BCAA sports nutrition for girls is even more important, because the female body spends nutrients faster, including protein.
  2. It blocks the synthesis of the hormone cortisol, which provokes muscle breakdown after prolonged physical exertion. In addition, a complex of amino acids restores muscle tone and improves the function of the most important internal organs.
  3. Muscle fibers are formed and muscles are built. However, the product can also be applied to those who want to lose weight. The cost of BCAA for weight loss is low, and the result is really impressive. Slimming is achieved by eliminating excess fat and increasing muscle dryness.
  4. It activates the process of insulin production.
  5. It increases performance, gives strength and energy, and it improves endurance. In addition, the additive increases the efficiency of the use sport nutrition by 40%
  6. It improves brain activity and blocks impulses prevents physical fatigue during the training process

  7. Since it contains vitamins and other beneficial substances, it has a positive effect on the heart and other internal organs. The way it functions is that first, amino acids enter the heart, they strengthening it, and they improve its working capacity.

Some athletes, before buying amino acids BCAA, think about the harm of the product. In fact, cases of harming the body are known only when taking too much of the dosage or individual intolerance of composite substances.

How to buy BCAA for sports in the online store

Our store in Geneva offers you the opportunity to buy BCAA for men and women, at the price that is most acceptable to athletes. You can order the product online or by phone, in which case our consultants will gladly assist you.

 Complete Intra-Workout™
39.00 CHF

Complete Intra-Workout™

10g BCAA, including 6g Leucine
L Glutamine and Citrulline Malate
Protein to contribute to a growth in muscle mass
Model: 73
23.00 CHF
 ENDURE™  Premium Intra Workout Formula

ENDURE™ Premium Intra Workout Formula

Market leading intra workout formula for muscle growth
6g PeptoPro® and 4g BCAA (4:1:1)
Banned substance tested under Informed Sport programme
Model: 69
46.00 CHF
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