Creatine for sports

Creatine is a special sports supplement that is very popular among professional athletes and those who lead an active lifestyle and want to increase muscle mass. The substance is absolutely safe for the body, it is quickly absorbed and has a natural origin. It is advisable to use it for men and women who attend fitness centers or workouts.

The human body receives creatine mostly from animal food, but due to improper diet or high physical exertion, the amount of this substance is much less than what the body needs for normal work. That why buying creatine (sports nutrition) is worth those who spend a lot of energy on exercise.

Creatine Health Benefits

It should immediately be said that this substance is considered to be one of the most studied sport nutrition in the world. Its safety and naturalness are proven by a number of studies and testing, therefore, it is worth all athletes and fit girls buying creatine in Geneva. The benefits of creatine include:

  1. Acceleration of the exchange process. Creatine intake contributes to weight loss due to a decrease in fat layer. The substance fills the body with energy, and the effect of the application is noticeable after a few days.
  2. Increase strength, a surge of energy. At the first trainings, it will be noticeable that now it is much easier to do subsequent repeat on strength exercises than before - this will allow adding 2-5 new repeat each time, while increasing muscle mass in a natural way.
  3. Increase endurance. An athlete will be able to spend more time in training, which will eventually produce the corresponding results. Therefore, the substance is important for those who attend fitness centers, who are fond of martial arts, who jog and who play other sports activities.

Creatine regimen

There are two options for taking creatine so as to properly support the body. First: it is hard to take an additive in the first week in the amount of 5 grams 5 times a day. The results will be noticeable at the first training session. Most famous fitness trainers recommend just such a regimen, because it gives a really impressive effect. The second way: skip the first phase of maximum intake and take the substance according to the standard, that is, about 3 grams per day. In this case, the first noticeable results will appear after a month.

Where to buy creatine in Geneva

In our online store you can buy creatine, the price of which is maximally accessible to all athletes from different countries. Consultants will tell you how much creatine costs for men and women, how it differs from similar products, sounded the exact cost of the product and the price, including delivery. Creatine can be ordered online or by phone.

 Creatine Monohydrate
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Creatine Monohydrate

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