Whey protein / protein

Protein (whey protein) is a concentrated globular protein. It is made by souring and filtering milk. The biological value of this sports nutrition is very high, since the percentage of protein in it reaches more than 90%. In addition, it contains all the amino acids the body needs. Thus, we can conclude that this is an additive that allows you to significantly increase the muscle mass of an athlete in the shortest possible time.

Whey Protein Release Forms

Before you buy whey protein concentrate, you should decide what kind of protein you need in this case. It is produced in various forms and can vary in terms of both the percentage of protein content and the form of processing, which is reflected in the price equivalent:

  1. The cost of the concentrate is the lowest - this is the product with the lowest percentage of protein content, but it is perfect for novice athletes
  2. The price of whey protein isolate is somewhat higher, since the ratio of protein in its composition reaches at least 90%
  3. Hydrolyzate is a pure dry whey protein, the cost of which is high, but it is fully justified by the effect exerted on the body. Since there are no extraneous additives, the taste may seem unusual

It should be understood that everything is useful in moderation. When starting the use of protein, you need to carefully read the instructions and not to exceed the specified dosage. Excess protein can lead to a disorder of the digestive tract.

The benefits of whey protein for the body

The benefits of whey protein are appreciated by athletes. This is a very popular supplement, but for beginners you can highlight the following points:

  1. Compared with other varieties of protein, this is very easily absorbed by the body.
  2. A faster concentration of muscle mass contributes to a high concentration of arginine and lysine.
  3. The protein of this supplement helps to normalize blood sugar levels and it reduces cholesterol levels.
  4. Protein is a supplier of glutamine in the body - a special type of amino acids that contribute to the production of additional energy, resulting in markedly increase of endurance in athlete.

This type of sports nutrition is suitable not only for athletes, but also women who want to lose weight. The protein of this sports supplement effectively speeds up metabolism and saturates the body. In addition, it perfectly strengthens muscles and stimulates the burning of excess fat.

Where to order high-quality whey protein?

In our online store you can order pure dry whey protein. Swiss products are of the highest quality, which is confirmed by all necessary certificates. Start the path to success now, dial the number and place an order with our consultant. Qualified consultants will help you choose the most suitable product and answer all your questions.



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